Just as your website is the first point of interface for any business, so is your email address the first peep outsiders get into your professionalism.

Indeed, the very discriminatory spam filter protocols adopted by email providers is the first indicator you need to be on your A-game when creating your email address. You see those ‘4u2c’ ‘specialbeauty,’ ‘worldwidefancy,’ ‘coolestdudeeverliveth,’ handles must go. Conduct a well-deserved farewell ceremony for them and bid them Godspeed.

A wrong email handle is an instant turnoff for a potential recruiter. Think of it as approaching a job interviewer dressed in clown’s clothing, wearing a mask or swinging a child’s toy. Not to sound harsh, but it’s hard to think seriously about such a job-hunter – not when you are interviewing for a sensitive role, in a strict, reputable organization.

Hard to find one not already taken? Consider such prefixes as ‘Official,’ ‘first name + surname,’ and email hacks like your full name (include your middle name) if need be.

It is also crucial, when sending official emails in the name of your company, to ensure to send using a professional email address. You don’t build trust or establish professionalism with potential clients with your business email reading Gmail or Yahoo. Get your own domain name! And do it now! Even if your website isn’t ready.

So, two companies approach you, brag about the quality of their work, their professionalism, and how so in touch they are with today’s trends. You can only pick one, so you do a quick professionalism-verification check.

Who would you rather deal with:
234legal@gmail.com OR hello@234legal.com ?

You’re in the business of great.
And your email is a crucial lever in that vehicle.