Who we are

Nigeria's first completely tech-based legal services company.

The 234Legal Dream

We are a band of highly innovative, purpose-driven, change-oriented, non-conforming young, talented lawyers.  Acutely bored of the industry's status quo, we resist the urge to blend in. We are creating a multijurisdictional legal army of the best legal minds available; drawing support from an ecosystem of unlimited resources and opportunities. And we are doing all using the tools and gadgets provided by technology today.

What we do

Legal Research and Advisory.

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Quick. To the point. We are well-informed of all the modern tools available in the legal technology market; and strategically use them to create brilliant strategies, providing fast and accurate legal solutions every time.

Document Review and Processing.

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Detailed. Thorough. Our multi-step, many-factor approach and cloud-based model provide strictly secure storage and retrieval of legal documents on the go; thereby removing all hassles of data access and processing which companies and law firms are traditionally riddled with.

Ubiquitous Legal Access.

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Everywhere. Every time. Today’s on-demand economy means that people want immediate gratification for their needs. Who says Legal can’t have its own foot at the door? Our revolutionary service, BriefHolder, tackles head-on, the traditional problems associated with access to tested and trusted, vetted and competent legal representation.

StartUp Consultancy and Support.

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With you. All the way. From pre-launch negotiations to launch-era discussions, from non-disclosures to joint venture clauses; you can find all the support you need for your startup idea here. And if you want, before moving on, we will even help set up your legal department, just so we're sure you're in good hands.

Legal Insourcing & Outsourcing.

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Our lawyers. At your service. On occasion, we are contracted by clients for secondment arrangements in their Legal departments. Our lawyers are able to create an in-house extension of us, in your company. Whatever the outlook of your project, we have all you need.

So Much More...

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Side Gigs. For Everybody. Our solutions are as diverse as our approach is fluid. So don't put it past us to take on assignments such as: Legal E-library Automation, Negotiation and Mediation, Legal Recruitment, GroundUp Legal Department Design/Development, and a dozen other solutions. 


For the great in you.

Let's get you started on your awesome project.

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