Nothing else in the world, not all the armies, is so powerful as an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo         

To be a success, all you need have is an IDEA. Every success story begins with the arrival of an idea. It is the moment when the proverbial light bulb goes off. You do not even need to have the skills to do the job, neither do you need any accompanying experience in the field.     You just need to ensure the idea isn’t stillborn and completely birthed.

Just as each person on earth is distinguished by specific traits of individuality, a bright idea sets you apart from a worldwide pack of bystanders. Your idea will part ways for you, and professionals will flock to you just so they can work the idea that YOU had.

The global brands that we see every day around us, all came to be, because someone somewhere had a sudden jolt of enlightening, and couldn’t (or wouldn’t let go of it).

Ideas are the port from-which innovation takes off.

Your idea is the key which activates the ignition spark. It is the first step. The most crucial.

Whatever you will go on to achieve in life, and whatever disruption your hands and mind will wrought, begins its glorious ministry in your mind as an idea. And you owe it to all of us to see to it that you pursue that idea to the letter, never losing sight of it. Wake up every day and contribute your quota in pushing the pendulum of the world further, higher, better. God put those ideas in your head, and in your hands deposited every tool needed to do the job.

Quit playing around.  An industry awaits.

Or maybe the entire world does.